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My name is Andy Luis and I’m a self confessed Java nut job!  I started programming in Java over 15 years ago and am still trying to reach the far corners of its ecosystem. Although that seems impossible, it hasn’t stopped me.

Over the years, I’ve helped launch a few satellites, taught Java to hundreds of students and now find myself programming and supporting  Air Traffic Control operations  in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a tiny island called Santa-Maria in the Azores. On my tiny rock, I spend most of my spare time thinking and learning about … you guessed it  … Java!

Even after my teaching days; I still have it in me to constantly keep on learning, improve my game and think about how to incorporate what I’ve learnt into my projects. I’m a teacher at heart so in December 2015, I decided that it was time to come out of the shadows and start my own YouTube channel. One year later, the MVP Java Blog just seemed like a natural extension.

MVP Java is about helping you become the Most Valuable Programmer (MVP) in Java that YOU can be. This Blog and everything else related to it are here to support that desire.  You get access to expert level tutorials; via Blog Posts and though YouTube videos.

Think of it as your gym for Java training. Let’s hit it!

Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/mvpjava
YouTube:       https://www.youtube.com/c/MVPJava
Twitter:          https://twitter.com/mvpjava
GitHub:           https://github.com/mvpjava
DockerHub: https://cloud.docker.com/u/mvpjava/
email:              blog@mvpjava.com

Certifications: Java, Spring and Docker
Company -TRIOMNI I.T Services: http://triomni-it.com/