Spring Nested Transactions

Nested Transaction in Spring
Reading Time: 10 minutes

Spring nested transactions are a bit like the black sheep of the transaction family – easily misunderstood and cast aside in documentation. Nested transactions are however incredibly useful for use cases consisting of large bulk updates and/or operating over unreliable connections. Let’s take a look at how we can bring this black sheep back …  Continue reading “Spring Nested Transactions”

Generating a Random Number in Java From Atmospheric Noise

Java Random Number From Atmospheric Noise - MVP Java
Reading Time: 5 minutes

When it comes to generating a random number in Java, we have several options. However I doubt none are as intriguing or as random as what you’ll learn about in this post.  If your interested in how to generate a truly random number in Java by using the earth’s atmospheric noise as it source, then read on … Continue reading “Generating a Random Number in Java From Atmospheric Noise”