An Alternative to Jenkins for Java CI

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Are you searching for an alternative to Jenkins for your Java project? I sure was. I wasn’t all that interested in spending time and effort installing and configuring a local Jenkins server or even dishing out money to host one online, to start experimenting. What I found was an alternative which solved all those issues and got me quickly focusing on what I do best, code!

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Spring Boot and JUnit 5

Spring Boot and JUnit 5
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The much anticipated release of JUnit 5 is almost here and Spring 5.0 will have official support for it. However,  it’s still possible to run JUnit 5 Tests within your current Spring applications right now. I’ll show you how to bring you testing to the next level by using Spring Boot and JUnit 5. This Post concentrates on the new ability to Dependency Inject right into our @Test method parameters. I warn you though, after getting a taste of this … there’s no going back!

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Spring Boot Integration Testing (Slice and Dice)

Spring Boot Integration Testing
Reading Time: 5 minutes

You can achieve some amazing results with Spring Boot Test for your Integration Testing.  I’ll be covering how to execute different groups (sub-sets) of Integration Tests which cover different layers (or slices) of your application. Applying this layered approach will give you increased flexibility and the opportunity to identity problem areas earlier on.

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